A Team Approach

A Team Approach

Improve your well-being by visiting our dedicated professionals in Lake Charles, LA

Even the most basic stress-related, mental health, and substance use issues can feel very lonely. Isolating. The highly trained, dedicated behavioral health specialists at Elite Medical Wellness are here for you - We genuinely want to see you get well, and stay well.

We offer a broad range of treatment options that combine a medical approach with a holistic, whole body and mind focus to customize a treatment plan for you. We utilize a number of methods to provide well-rounded mental health services, including:

    • Initial psychiatric assessments
    • Comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological assessments
    • Psychiatric and psychological IMEs
    • Criminal forensic assessments
    • Speciality clearances (gastric bypass, spinal fusion, others)
    • Comprehensive smoking cessation assessments
    • Dietary/nutritionist assessments
    • Custody evaluations

    If you live in Lake Charles, LA or the surrounding areas, book an appointment with Elite Medical Wellness. We are honored to work with our military beneficiaries, and those who have served, through accepting TRICARE and VA plans. Call us now at 337-419-1873 to get started.